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Hey everyone, I'm Gary, the guy behind NextOnTheMap. Welcome and thankyou for finding your way to my travel blog! A few years ago after a little bit of inspiration I decided it was time to pull out a map and start exploring. Since then I've never stopped, I got a taste for travel and combined that with my ever growing interest in photography and now I'm constantly looking for where's next!

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Staying At The PENZ Hotel

Staying at the PENZ Hotel in Innsbruck, Austria is an absolute treat. With an urban-alpine feel, this attention grabbing hotel is nestled in the heart of the city with everything you want within walking distance. The focus on elegance and design, the luxurious interior provisions and the most friendly team of staff make this place a go-to. We stayed here for the weekend, it was our second time visiting and we will undoubtably look to return again. 

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Visiting Lisbon In January

Lisbon, the colourful capital of Portugal! It may not be as common to see someone visiting Lisbon in January as it's a rainy month and the temperatures are a little lower. For us however it was the perfect time to go! The sites are clear and you can as we did get very fortunate with the weather. Lisbon was the first trip of 2019 and it made for the perfect city break to kick off this years travels!

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My 2019 Travel Wish List

It's finally time to write my favourite blog post of the year, my 2019 travel wish list! I write this each year and acutally visit the majority of the locations I post about. 2018 has been a fabulous year for me and NextOnTheMap. Although I missed a few from my previous travel wish list, I visited 10 new countries and loved them all! Lets see what 2019 has in store! Who's with me?!

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Staying At Hotel Savoy

What do you get when you are staying at Hotel Savoy during the autumn? Intense autumnal colours, clear blue skies and absolute comfort! We were fortunate enough to stay at this lovely hotel for 3 nights during out recent trip to the Czech Republic. It was our favourite stay in Europe so far!

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Sunshine In Špindlerův Mlýn

I'm recently back from a few days of sunshine in Spindelruv Mlyn. What more could you ask for in an October trip to Europe? The colours were intensely autumnal, our hotel was one of the most beautiful ever and the surroundings were so picturesque! We did a lot of exploring and it's safe to say the camera stayed firmly in my hands. My only experience of the Czech Republic up to this point was Prague. A beautiful city but this weekend opened my eyes to how much more this lovely country can offer!

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