Welcome to the NextOnTheMap blog. Travel and photography are my two biggest passions and when put together this is what you get! I do my best to gather content from across the world! Have a read, you may get inspired to book your next trip! Be sure to also check out my travel guides which you can see below. If you want to be the first to hear about my latest posts then click my side bar and subscribe. You'll get notified of each new blog post!

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Hey everyone, I'm Gary, the guy behind NextOnTheMap. Welcome and thankyou for finding your way to my travel blog! A few years ago after a little bit of inspiration I decided it was time to pull out a map and start exploring. Since then I've never stopped, I got a taste for travel and combined that with my passion for photography and now I'm constantly looking for where's next!

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Travel Guides

Planning your travels can be extremely overwhelming and at times can slightly zap the fun out of what should be an enjoyable process. There’s so much to consider and so much that goes into making each trip the best it can be and when doing it for the first time you may well feel lost! Now after a good amount of travel and various different experiences I’ve formed some guides to offer the help that I would have loved! I don’t claim to be an expert but I do think I can offer some experience based guidance which will make your planning process a lot less of a chore! 

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My 2019 Travel Wish List

It's finally time to write my favourite blog post of the year, my 2019 travel wish list! I write this each year and acutally visit the majority of the locations I post about. 2018 has been a fabulous year for me and NextOnTheMap. Although I missed a few from my previous travel wish list, I visited 10 new countries and loved them all! Lets see what 2019 has in store! Who's with me?!

How To Plan The Perfect Interrail Trip

Travelling Europe with Interrail has been one of my most memorable travel memories to date. I completed a 12 day route visiting some absolute European hot spots and wouldn't hesitate in recommending this to all of you guys. The planning that went into making this trip the best it could be was key. From my experience I'm going to share how to plan the perfect Interrail trip including some important things to do prior to hitting the trains!

Sunshine In Spindelruv Mlyn

I'm recently back from a few days of sunshine in Spindelruv Mlyn. What more could you ask for in an October trip to Europe? The colours were intensely autumnal, our hotel was one of the most beautiful ever and the surroundings were so picturesque! We did a lot of exploring and it's safe to say the camera stayed firmly in my hands. My only experience of the Czech Republic up to this point was Prague. A beautiful city but this weekend opened my eyes to how much more this lovely country can offer!

Staying With Koncept Hotels

During my recent trip to Cologne I was fortunate enough to find myself staying for 2 nights with Koncept Hotels. With a brand new digital concept I was eager to see how it worked and experience what they had to offer. The hotel was perfectly placed in the heart of Old Town Cologne it put me right in the centre of all the action.