My 2017 Travel Wish List

I’ve already started to have a slight look back on this year and in complete honesty, after evaluation I am very happy with how 2016 has panned out thus far. Don’t get me wrong I know we still have December to see out but that hasn’t stopped me from putting in some planning for next year.

Some huge changes were made this year for me personally and I see them as the foundations that are now firmly laid down ready to form a solid 2017 and beyond. Amongst many other goals I have business/work wise I can’t wait to get a little more travel done next year so I’ve formulated a little travel wishlist below including the top locations I’d like to explore first. Due to the nature of my work it’s hard to just jet off for a few weeks, hence why I tend to take short trips if I do go away. An example being my super fun filled Rome trip I took a few months back; all the highlights are detailed in this blog. In the future I definitely plan to take some longer trips away but for now the long weekends work brilliantly and they are so enjoyable. Having a short time frame away means you cram as much in as possible, ultimately resulting in a very fulfilling little trip. Carry on reading below and check out some of the phenomenal places I hope to visit next year; if anyone has any good info on any of the locations message me and fill me in.


Iceland. This amazing location was on my list this year however with it’s reduction in day light hours I’ve decided to wait until early next year where I will see more of its beauty. With the blue lagoon, a tour of the golden circle and hopefully a glimpse of the illusive northern lights on the agenda I’m sure that my time exploring Iceland and it’s dramatic landscapes will be perfect.


Amsterdam. Venturing to the the artistic and elaborate Netherlands capital is another long standing feature on my travel wish list. I love trips which bulge with history since I can get some degree of education whilst I explore. With places to visit including Ann Frank’s house and the worlds largest Van Gogh collection I could easily fill a lovely, relaxing weekend here.


France. France and more specifically Paris features here since it’s an easy place to travel to. With the obvious landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame de Paris, this lovely city provides a plethora of amazing photo opportunities that I’d love to capture. All of these picturesque surroundings combined with some french cuisine sounds great to me.


Switzerland. Switzerland makes it onto my travel wish list with ease as the scenery to be seen is just out of this world. I’m thinking about lining this trip up towards the end of the year, Id love to see some of the amazing Swiss lakes and mountain passes. How good does that sound?! If I do manage to get this trip be sure to look out for a blog post and an amazing gallery of photos.


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