48 Hours in Amsterdam

Another Euro trip down guys! Recently back from Amsterdam and what a place to visit. 48 hours was spent in the Dutch capital walking the picturesque canals, sampling all of its tasty foods, capturing the beautiful views and everything else in between.

This awesome place is only an hour away, it literally shocks me that I haven’t visited before. The whole trip was perfect minus a cancelled flight which almost messed up the whole journey but that was luckily overcome. Got to love airports! As a city Amsterdam has so much to offer; on average around 8 – 10 miles was walked each day and there wasn’t one moment of boredom. It’s already somewhere I’ll look to return to in the future and if you haven’t been yourself it’s somewhere I’d highly recommend.


So when people mention Amsterdam a lot of the time the first thought is of the canals. Upon arrival it was one of the first things to see and it was love at first sight! My camera was pretty much glued to my hand as every little bridge crossing offered a different and uniquely beautiful view. The canal system in Amsterdam is very intricate and constantly bustling with boats roaming up and down. The sheer volume of bridges and different routes is probably the main reason that so many miles were covered in this visit. It was nice to capture all the different views in the morning, mid day and at night alongside experiencing them from a boat whilst having dinner! Even with this large city, walking the streets of Amsterdam is a breeze. It’s a flat place, I guess this is why bikes are the main choice of transport by the locals and the many tourists who are trying to keep up with them.


Home for the 48 hours in Amsterdam was Hotel Vossius situated right beside Vondelpark. The last day was spent wandering here, nothing better than a nicely maintained, vibrantly coloured park with a few little cafes to stop off in. The huge iron gates welcome you into the park and with several entrances/exits you can make your own route through. Walking here definitely added to the miles clocked up on the last day, it’s a very large park! Right the way through there are quaint little bridges, beautiful lakes and various tree covered pathways. This park is the perfect location to get your Amsterdam cycle ride in, if like me your to much of a wimp to do it in the hectic city with the locals!


Time to talk food. The food in Amsterdam was fantastic so just going to highlight a couple of standout places that offered some awesome healthy choices. Juice To Boost was breakfast heaven! They had an amazing menu with all sorts of tempting options but the acai bowls were the winner. A quick morning acai bowl outside in the morning Amsterdam sunshine was a perfect start to the day and gave a sufficient amount of fuel to prepare for more walking. Juice To Boost wasn’t just a breakfast bar, they did salads, sandwiches, wraps and all sorts of other options that would be perfect for a nice nutritious lunch. Not wanting to go to the same place twice, SLA came on the radar. (Good recommendation by I amsterdam!) SLA was big on salads and you could design your own. As the visit to SLA came after a gym workout a packed salad with chicken, bulgur, curried cauliflower,  carrot, beet and cucumber hit the spot. Both of these places were nutritionally sound and gave a nice healthy meal and when away travelling, getting one or two of your main meals like this is perfect. It doesn’t however mean that every single meal was like this. Churros, pizza and a few drinks here and there were also indulged in but by having some good nutritious meals, walking miles on end and getting a gym session in helps to balance this out with no negative effect!


So what else is there to do in Amsterdam? Tonnes. A short distance from Hotel Vossius was the Rijks Museum, the huge I amsterdam sign (Go early if you want an empty picture of this) and the Vincent Van Gough museum. The Ice Bar was good fun and made for a cool evening pit stop whilst wandering the canals. Very strange and a first to be in a bar completely made of ice but a cool experience! The Royal Palace of Amsterdam, situated on Dam Square was pristine. The entry fee was very reasonable and you get a full audio tour which was nice as you can actually get educated whilst viewing. The palace has to be one of the most luxurious places I’ve personally ever visited. So detailed, immaculate architecture and maintained to the highest standard! A further hot spot is Anne Franks house. Obviously this holds a huge amount of history but unfortunately this has turned into a very tourist based attraction. For this reason it wasn’t on the agenda other than a passing photo. If you do wish to go here, buy tickets and prepare to que for an hour or so. Instead of going here, it was more on a personal interest level to experience an Amsterdam gym. This came in the form of Splash Health Club. Splash was a fantastic gym, insanely equipped, excellent smoothie/shake bar and the team there were very accommodating. If your looking for somewhere to train in Amsterdam, this is the place!


48 hours will go quickly in this lovely place. On a return visit to Amsterdam it would be easy to have a completely different yet equally enjoyable experience. I will miss the canals, its relaxed nature and everything is has to offer, I’d highly recommend visiting so book your trip!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one!

(My visit to Splash Healthclub was complimentary however all opinions expressed are my own).



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