A Flying Visit – Chamonix

Chamonix is hands down one of the most magical places I’ve visited. I’ve spent time in some snowy locations before but this was just on another level. Huge mountains in every direction, a dusting of snowfall almost constantly falling and the escape of some great little shops and cafes. We were only here to explore for a day but a return visit is a must and it will definitely involve some skies!  

After crossing the border into France from Geneva it wasn’t long before the scenery turned white. I was taking some photos as we got closer and closer to Chamonix and every image kept getting more white with snow falling everywhere! Needless to say it was absolutely freezing when we finally got to step foot on the snow and have a brief wander around but we were prepared with hats, gloves, warm coats etc . . Note to self though, next time don’t wear thin Vans shoes . . . It was extremely misty which I loved, it just added such a good moody element to all the photos I was taking, camera got some good action here believe me. We had what I think was basically a ski pass so we were set to make our way up the cable cars to check out some views from the top and explore some of the slopes. We could of skied but with neither of us ever doing it before and with a short amount of time we wisely opted not to. No bruises and broken bones wanted but like I said before, a return visit to ski will definitely happen!


We got to one of the cable cars and headed up. The surroundings below always looked amazing in the snow, the dark contrast with the gleaming white makes everything seem a little unreal and made for some great shots. We were initially going to head up the Aiguille du Midi cable car but because of the poor visibility it wasn’t running; gutted we missed out on that awesome view from the top! We did however manage to get up on the Brevent cable car although not right to the peak due to poor conditions again. We wandered down the mountain slightly once we were up there and at this point we started to wish we had some skies, it would of been so much fun to tear it down to the bottom! We had a little walk and captured a nice bit of quiet time on the slopes before then making our way back down in the cable car in search of warmth and food!


There were plenty of small little cafes in Chamonix, almost too many to choose from! We weren’t to selective as they all looked perfect so we dived into one of the first few that we came across. The food in there, especially the pastries, cakes, macacroons etc . . . looked almost to good to eat! Almost being the key word there. . . Two whopping hot chocolates later and some delicious macaroons and we could feel our feet again. We more than worked these off with all the walking we were doing! It was so nice to relax here with no rush on time and just take in the scenery outside whilst enjoying the festive snowy atmosphere that Chamonix had. We stayed for a little before eventually jumping up and heading back out; we had a train to catch and we didn’t want to miss it! We were venturing back up into the mountains to a valley glacier known as Mer de Glace.


The train ride to and from the Mer de Glace was so good! You get some beautiful views all the way back down to Chamonix and you can really see how much its snowed in the untouched areas as it looked deep! We weren’t expecting huge visibility at the Mer de Glace and we didn’t get it. A nice layer of mist was covering most of the valley but I think that it made it look way more dramatic. Still a very cool view to experience and one that I hope to see again one day, maybe in the summer for a different perspective. We stopped off here for a quick coffee and a re-warm before climbing back on the train and heading back down the mountain. That last little highlight basically concluded our time in Chamonix; the light began to fade as the festive Christmas lights became more prominent and we were ready to start our journey back to Geneva. Perfect little visit.


Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!



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