A Wet Weekend in Dublin

A quick weekend in Dublin made for the perfect January trip! So many different things to see and do and all nestled together within easy walking distance of each other. I had two solid days of rain but still got a great experience of Dublin and a lot of what it has to offer!

I will need to make a return visit to this Irish hot spot as there are a few things I missed out on. I crammed so much in on my weekend but when a place has so much to offer sometimes there is no other option than to return with more time! I’ll look forward to the next trip and maybe next time I’ll go later in the year so I’m not hiding under an umbrella the whole time!

Upon my late evening arrival I wanted to get straight to some photography hot spots to check them out and shoot a few pictures. I arrived Friday evening and was dropped off right besides Ha’Penny bridge. As it was raining/grey most of the time I had to get a shot of this at night because it just looked so awesome with all of the colourful lights. After this I stumbled upon the Temple Bar area. Lots of puddles (thankyou rain) meaning lots of reflections on Dublins finest. I wandered the Temple Bar area day and night and was fortunate enough to capture it’s busy, hectic but enjoyable atmosphere.




As I arrived so late I checked into my hotel and pretty much went straight to sleep. I wanted to be fresh in the morning as I had an early start at The Guinness Storehouse! I basically woke and went to sleep to the sound of rain so first on my list was to find an umbrella. Hiding under this I headed to the Guinness Storehouse passing some of the iconic gates on the way. My camera was definitely getting weather tested in Dublin. After awkwardly crouching, balancing an umbrella and getting some photos I ventured inside the Storehouse. The building itself resembles a giant pint glass inside, how cool is that?!


There are 7 floors to explore inside and they all have something different to offer. Taste testing rooms, information on the brewing, a solid history of all things Guinness etc . . . This is all topped of on the top floor bar where you can enjoy a pint with a panoramic view of Dublin. (I got a very grey, wet panoramic view but was still worth it!)



I was so centrally located with my hotel that it was easy to keep nipping back to my room now and again. After a lengthy walk around the Guinness Storehouse I had to go and grab a few camera bits so I headed back to Dublin Citi Hotel, my home for two nights. Location wise this place was perfect. It was close to pretty much everything which did make my time sensitive weekend a little less hectic. Trinity Sports Bar was connected onto it and there was some good live music going on here both nights! I had breakfast in here one morning and although very basic, the staff were so friendly and it did the job!


My room was small, basic but more than suitable for what I needed! I was solo this trip (very different to my last 3 trips!) and as I was by myself on this occasion I had a single room (I didn’t really see much of it!) I was up early and out late most of the time exploring the city as much as possible whilst I could! Gym wise Dublin Citi Hotel offered access with my room key to Crunch Fitness, a great 5 star boutique gym. Very well equipped so anyone looking to keep their training up this should be a consideration!


Once I’d grabbed a few bits from my room it was off to another place that I was eager to see. I went to the conveniently located Trinity College in order to see the Book of Kells exhibition and to see in person the Old Library. Both were absolutely fantastic and I’d recommend adding them to your itinerary if you are to ever visit Dublin.


As I wandered around Dublin I kept stumbling across some great healthy places to eat, they were everywhere! No problem staying on track nutritionally here. Don’t get me wrong, I did indulge in a nice big pot of Irish stew (try!) and a few pints of Guinness but other than that I felt great for eating so well and it was so easy to do so! Sprouts was my favourite, healthy salad bowls which you can construct yourself. Mine was a nice high protein bowl filled with turkey, greens, brown rice and a tasty peanut sauce. O’Brians also offered a similar menu with healthy salads, wraps and sandwiches that will more than fuel you up for all the walking you’ll likely do. I walked everywhere, no bus needed!



One of the final places I visited briefly was Dublin Castle. I’m glad I went to see the castle and had a little wander inside however I don’t think I’ll rush back here if I make another visit. It was definitely good to experience another historic building and learn its history  however the other landmarks/buildings that I saw seemed to standout a little more. With limited time I had to pick and choose what I wanted to do and in this scenario you ideally want everything to be more than worthwhile!


My first experience of Dublin in summary . . . WET, but I loved it and can’t wait to return to see more! I’d really love to check out Kilmainham Gaol, try out some more of the many, many places to eat and have a nice (sunshine filled!) walk through St Stephens Green. Dublin, I’ll be back!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one!


I used a few guides to help me plan my wet weekend in Dublin, check them out below!




  1. Really really enjoyed this post! Dublin was the first place I visited after arriving in Europe for my first time, so it will always hold a special little place in my heart. Unfortunately, my husband got food poisoning the first day we were there so we didn’t get to experience it like I would’ve wanted but it still was a beautiful city!


  2. Fantastic post – a truly enjoyable read and your photography is incredible!
    I’ve always wanted to visit Dublin and am definitely booking a trip soon after reading this.
    It looks and sounds like such a beautiful place and that library looks incredible too – I must visit!


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your photography skills are on point. I would really love to visit Dublin and I want it more after reading this omg. 😀 It is such a beautiful place. I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I am so glad to have come across it. Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂


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