Innsbruck – The Capital of the Alps

Back from another trip to Europe and what a place Innsbruck is! We just spent the weekend here and had such a fun, relaxing time. Innsbruck is named the capital of the Alps and I completely agree with that. It’s a vibrantly coloured city full of charming houses and characteristic old buildings that then meet the photogenic, snow covered mountains. Easy to see how you can spend an enjoyable time here whether that be a weekend or longer!

Once we descended down between the mountains and landed at Innsbruck airport we quickly hopped on a bus to get to our hotel. The transport system is unbelievable easy. €2.40 for a ticket, take the H bus for a route to your hotel and the F bus on return to the flughafen or airport. Once we were checked in, we quickly dropped our bags as we were eager as always to get out and explore. We were city based for the first day which to  begin with meant strolling through Old Town and checking out the small market stalls, admiring the colourful houses and then passing by the river Inn to stop off for breakfast.


Once fuelled up on tasty food and coffee we decided to head to the Bergisel Ski Jump, it’s easy to get to as you can pretty much see it from most places in the city. I think the only time we were actually higher than this was when we were up in the Alps! We went right to the top and got some insane views down towards the city with the mountains standing strong in the background. Once back down we stayed around the area, it was getting towards the last few hours of daylight which makes for great photography conditions. After shooting some photos (you can see all photo content in this gallery!) it was then time to get back to our home for the next two nights. One of our favourite hotels yet!


We were super excited to be staying at The PENZ Hotel during our time in Innsbruck, we were so warmly welcomed by their team and they were more than accommodating for the duration of our stay. The hotel looks beautiful, it’s hard to miss its huge reflective, modernised exterior glistening in the sun! Our room was located on the 4th floor with a crazy and colourful view out of the window. You just can’t beat waking up and being able to look out and see the mountains gleaming in the morning sunshine! The room itself was very nice, immaculately clean, spacious and very comfortable. The best part is that we only had to hop one floor up to get to the amazing 5th floor bar and restaurant.


This has got to be one of the best ‘breakfast with a view’ spots we have ever had, seriously just look at it! The outdoor terrace was just out of this world, clear views of the Alps whilst you sit and enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee? Yes please! Even from inside the views across the city were great. We indulged in some cocktails at the bar, great vibes and even more enjoyable when you have a relaxing bar area with that lovely view.


Often when we go away we really have to put a lot of effort into finding some nice healthy places to eat. We almost always go out for breakfast as we tend to find better options but The PENZ hit the nail on the head with what they offered. Tonnes of tasty, healthy food options. Natural yoghurts, a great variety of fresh fruit, meats, organic granola and musli packs. We ate here both mornings and felt so good going into the rest of the day knowing we’d had a nice nutritious start. The perfect fuel for all that walking!


On our second day in Innsbruck and after another good filling breakfast at The PENZ we were set to head up into the Alps to explore and get some photo content! The route from the city to the mountains was very simple, we had a short walk to the Congress station where we got tickets and headed up to the Hungerburg station. At this point we were already mesmerised by the crazy downward view on Innsbruck and the river Inn but there was still an upward journey to be made! We purchased another ticket that allowed us access to both the Seegrube and Hafelekar cable cars. Once up the Seegrube route we spent a bit of time just strolling around and taking in more crazy views whilst having a drink at Cloud 9, a little bar with an awesome vibe. It was hard not be relaxed up there!


Once we had adjusted to the unreal surroundings we jumped in the Hafelekar cable car and made our way to the summit. Just when we thought the views couldn’t get any more intense, they did! I felt like an explorer up here looking on to the vast mountain ranges that stretched as far as the eye could see.  It was a photographers heaven and I definitely got my fair share of shots. The walk to the summit is classed as ‘easy’ and if you’re fully equipped for it this will be the case. I however was slipping all over the place, stumbling in snow that at times was up past my knees! Regardless, we both made it to the summit! It was quiet up here, even though there were people around and that is exactly what the scenery did. It seemed to silence people with how unbelievable it was and it’s left me wanting to see more places and more views like this!


We didn’t stay on the summit for too long as with the wind it was dam cold up there, 2334m up to be precise! We stopped off in the small restaurant that was just down from the summit and had some Austrian dumplings which hit the spot. All that was left to do was to reverse our upward journey and travel back down the mountains to the city of Innsbruck! We had a crazy two days here and if I returned I’d do it exactly the same as we got a great experience of what Innsbruck has to offer. It’s a perfect spot for a weekend getaway and maybe longer for those that want to hit the incredible slopes!

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one!


(Thankyou to The PENZ Hotel for hosting us on this trip! All opinions expressed are my own)



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  1. Oh my goodness! Austria is SUPER beautiful!! You captured some amazing shots, like wow 😮 Can I just say I’m totes jelly…you guys had such a scenic view and the trip sounds like it was overall lovely. I’ve read about the Penz Hotel somewhere before and almost forgot how lovely it was. Great post 😍

    xx Lena |

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