Exploring Prague – Czech Republic

Prague, the Czech capital and the city with a view. I spent a weekend here zooming around on the trams checking out all of its famous sights and what a time I had! There was almost too much for me to experience but with some early starts and late nights I got a great glimpse into what this city has to offer. I must return for its famous festive markets, I now understand why they are deemed to be so magical! 

I got to Prague late in the evening and headed straight to my hotel, checked in and then got to sleep. The transfer from the airport to the city centre was very easy, a single ticket gave me access to the trains, buses and trams and all at a very reasonable price. I bought a 72 hour ticket and this suited me perfectly for my weekend visit. I woke super early the next morning as I wanted to get out and have a wander before the crowds filled the streets. It started off a little cloudy but after a quick coffee stop and a walk to the Old Town markets the sun had burned through and it got hot quick! The Old Town markets were so pleasant, the stands were selling tasty authentic foods, small handmade items and everything else in between. The perfect place to buy some gifts to take back home!


Once I’d had a few tasty food samples and a good look around the markets I made my way to the famous Old Town Square. All I’d seen of this place before was the magical Christmas markets (Yes I have to go back for that!) but even without the festivities this was a beautiful place to visit. You can climb to the top of the Old Town Hall (this is the building on which the astronomical clock is placed) and get some crazy views over Prague. From the view deck you can see the Church of Our Lady before Tyn, a  dominant gothic Old Town building alongside Prague Castle and Petrin Tower. Once I got back down from the tower I started to head towards the nearby riverside but not before my first try of Trdelnik. It’s a kind of cake that is wrapped around a stick, grilled and then topped with sugar. Couldn’t pass this up, you have to try everything right?!



The crowds had gathered on the famous Charles Bridge so I chose to get a view from an alternate angle. I went down to the riverside where I was greeted by the very well fed swans who kindly posed for a tonne of photos! I absolutely loved the view onto the bridge with the birds involved, you can see from these pictures also how fortunate I was with the weather! It was still reasonably early when I was down at the riverside so I decided to move on and get to my next spot before finding somewhere to grab a bite to eat. As I was on the right side of the bridge, next up was a walk up towards Prague castle.




I passed some cool streets on route to Prague Castle and as soon as I took a small side road off I knew I was close as the uphill began. No joke with the uphill, I lost count of the amount of steps I climbed and definitely had to have a little sit down in the shade once I neared the top! Heading up the Prague Castle area and the nearby Petrin Tower and gardens was so worth the walk. I was absolutely gifted with more views down towards the city centre. I got a good glimpse of the castle but chose not to go in as the queue to enter was ginormous and I didn’t fancy standing in the heat for a few hours before getting anywhere! Instead I had a wander around before eventually stopping off for some lunch.





I tried the Goulash in Prague, a super tasty and filling soup of meat and vegetables. It came with their famous bread dumplings and on this occasion, after all of those stairs it was the fuel that I needed! As I mentioned, nearby was the Petrin Tower, I’m sure you would get a great view from the top here but I was already up so high and as you can see above and below, the view was far from disappointing. If I had more time I may have ventured up but I wanted to have a stroll and a sit down in Petrin Garden before making my way back down the decorated cobbled pathways to rejoin the hectic city centre again.




A downhill walk and a few tram stops later and I was back at my home for my time in Prague. I was staying at Boutique Hotel Seven Days and it was such a lovely hotel facility. It was situated in a perfect position. You could walk to most of Prague’s main attractions and there was a tram stop a few hundred metres away if needed. I was so warmly welcomed in Hotel Seven Days and it feels great to know I now have friends in Prague!



To say I slept well is an understatement. A comfy bed combined with a long travel day and plenty of walking meant I was completely out both nights! I loved the provisions in my room. They offered umbrellas for all guests (not that I needed it) and each room was provided with an android smart phone. The use of the phone was free and you could take it out with you to use for navigational purposes around the city! How cool is that?!




The interior design of the hotel was beautiful, look at that spiral staircase! As you’d expect Hotel Seven Days had a great restaurant, bar and a small outside garden area which is where I chose to have breakfast. I managed a good hearty breakfast and enjoyed a few drinks in the bar of course, perfect wind down after all the hill walking!




I had a plan on my first night so after a brief stop at Hotel Seven Days I ventured back down towards Charles Bridge. I really wanted to shoot the bridge during night time so I headed up the tower facing up towards the castle and set up my tripod. Strangely I was only 1 of 3 up in the tower at this point, fortunate as I thought it would be packed! Anyway I got some great shots of the lights illuminating Charles Bridge before then getting on the tram and heading to the the famouns Dancing House. A very different building in comparison to all the original architecture in Prague and one that is supposed to resemble two dancers. Cool buidling to photograph, look at those colours!



My final day in Prague had a bit more of a relaxed approach. I headed back down towards the Dancing House just so I could check it out in the day light. I found a lovely spot for lunch just up from the Dancing House called Herbivore. A cool place selling all sorts of healthy dishes and my favourite, the acai bowls! After one of these and a few snaps of the Dancing House I squeezed the last little bit of use out of my tram ticket and headed back to Old Town. I passed the colourful John Lennon wall before finding a tree to relax under in Petrin Garden. That is how you spend a Sunday! The relaxation did come to an end though as I had to make my way back to the airport and travel home. Easy transfer back, smooth travel, late night and now looking for my next flight!




Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one!

(Thankyou to Boutique Hotel Seven Days for hosting me on my visit to Prague. All opinions expressed are my own)

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  1. Never been to Prague before, living vicariously through your photos! Definitely adding it to my 2018 bucket list, looks so dreamy and picturesque, already thinking about all the shots I could get, typical blogger

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  2. Such beautiful pics!! I tried to leave you a comment yesterday but my phone kept spazzing 😦 I want to go to Prague toooo! I hear so many celebs taking about it and it’s on my travel list lol. All your photos are taken from some really great angles and at first I thought I was losing it when I saw that building lol but my gosh such detail and structure! You captured some really cute swans btw, your stay sounds exciting! 😀 💖

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thanks Lena, thought you were meeting me there?! 😉 great fun capturing Prague through the lens! You should definitely make the time to get over there, you’d love it, thanks for reading 😁🙏🏻


  3. Oh my, your photography is absolutely amazing! 😍 That one you captured of the swans, what an incredible shot! Prague at night looks beautiful and that’s such a gorgeous hotel too! It looks like a fantastic trip, I’m adding Prague onto my travel bucket list now. Thanks for sharing your adventures 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Looks as beautiful as I remember and those steps to Prague castle are steeper than they look!

    My next holidays are Amsterdam and Canada this year and considering Budapest or Prague (again) in the new year

    Liked by 1 person

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