Travelling Europe with Interrail – Part 1

Hey everyone! Part 1 of my Interrail blog series and this one is all about the lead up, the basics behind my trip and most importantly the planning. Before we get going let me tell you that planning a trip like this is one of the best parts. As everything comes together and your trip forms the excitement builds and now I’m at that point, I cant wait to get going!

On my trip I’ll be stopping initially in 8 different locations (this could change whilst travelling of course!) visiting some new and some previously visited cities. Including England of course, I’ll be entering 8 countries in total, 4 of which will be new for me!


So what’s the plan?! I have a basic outline as you can see pictured above but again this like all travel is always susceptible to change. The plan could alter for various reasons but due to the flexibility of the specific Interrail pass I’ll be using this is no issue whatsoever. I’ll be departing from London and heading straight to Brussels for my first stop. This is a new visit for me so I plan to spend a couple of days here and get a good grasp on what the city has to offer! From Brussels I’ll be heading to Amsterdam. Just a one day visit in the Dutch capital as I’ve already spent a good 48 hours in Amsterdam previously! The next stop will have me boarding a train to Berlin, I’m super excited to visit here as I’ve never been before and Germany will be a new country on the travel list!

IMG_7155 copy copy

One thing I plan to make use of on the trip is some overnight sleeper trains. This is great for the longer journeys and also helps if you’re looking to cut the cost of accommodation. My first overnight train will be from Berlin to Budapest. A long train ride but straight through the night. Imagine going to sleep in one country and waking up in another ready to explore again, how cool is that?! From Budapest I’ll depart towards the Croatian capital Zagreb before then taking another overnight ride a few days later to Milan. I’ll spend the best part of 2 days exploring Milan due to good timings of the inward and outward journeys (a clever way to maximise your time!) and then I’ll be finishing up in one of my favourite European cities, Paris! I fell in love with Paris on my first visit so can’t wait to get back here, it will be the cherry on top of a great trip.


The pass I’ll be using on my Interrail adventure is a 15 day continuous global pass. The global pass gives you access to ride on trains in 30 different countries, you can see why it’s one of the best forms of travel as that’s just insane right?! Also, continuous for me is great as it means if I want to I can travel every single day. As mentioned previously I do plan to spend a few days in some of the locations I’m set to visit but I know I may not fall in love with every single city so it’s nice to have the flexibility to depart a day early if I want to. I believe this pass is the best for most as it will give you a nice relaxed approach to your travel whilst maximizing the places you can visit!


So you can probably tell I’m bit of a planner but it was so simple to get this solid outline. I planned my Route 66 trip in a similar way and it took so much stress out of the whole journey making it way more relaxed and enjoyable. For the bulk of the planning I used the Interrail Rail Planner app.  I think using this app to plan is a must, you can find the benefits of the pass your using, make your seat reservations and most importantly find your trains! On the trip planner you simply type in your departure and arrival destinations, the date and time you wish to travel and you are then given choices. You can see the duration of the journey, the amount of changes and whether you need a reservation or not. I did this for every part of my trip and then added them to a spreadsheet that I’ll keep on my phone when travelling. Again it’s a rough guide but it will keep me on track and help me maximise my time in the most efficient way.


For the time being and with all the above being said I guess that concludes part 1 of this blog series! Now all that’s left to do is zoom around Europe, enjoy and gather some more content to share with you guys! I’ll be taking all of my travel camera gear with me and I am so excited to capture each city and some fresh unique perspectives.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in ‘Travelling Europe with Interrail – Part 2’




  1. I can’t wait for next posts. I love Milan, beautiful city. Budapest little bit less crowded, but also stunning place!


  2. I hadn’t heard of Interrail until I started my blog but after seeing so many travel bloggers talk about it I looked into it and it sounds amazing! There are so many places in Europe I’d love to visit and this seems like the best way to do it! Cannot wait to read more about your trip! Have a great time!

    Jess //

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  3. I really want to travel Europe and never even considered interrailing, in fact I didn’t even know it was possible, yet it seems like a brilliant way to travel around and see so many beautiful countries.I’m definitely looking into this.

    Emma x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. That sounds like a ‘trip of a lifetime.’ You must be excited! The only international travel that I’ve done is to southeastern Canada. However, my family has hosted some exchange students from Europe and temporarily hosted some from Europe and other areas. I have studied Spanish, but haven’t been to a Spanish-speaking country, yet. I hope you have a great and safe trip there and back.

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