5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels

If you’re looking to kick off your travel adventures Europe is a great start point. With so many different yet equally intriguing cities to visit you are almost spoilt for choice. I’ve compiled a list of 5 cities to kickstart your European travels and they will definitely leave you wanting more. Get the passport ready!  

5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels – Paris.

The French capital easily makes the cut when discussing 5 cities to kickstart your European travels! Paris has so much to see and do including visiting some incredible photo locations. For most it’s just a short flight away and you’ll easily have a great time whether you’re visiting for a week or a weekend. Visit the many beautiful buildings and monuments including the iconic Eiffel Tower. Experience the Parisian culture and enter the world most visited museum at the Louvre. Admire its beautiful architecture housed in some picturesque gardens and sample the famous tastes of French cuisine. A visit to Paris may be your first but it will most definitely not be your last!

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels – Prague.

Prague is undeniably one of Europe’s most Instagramable cities. You can head down to the edge of the Vltava river and gaze upon one of Europe’s oldest bridges, Charles Bridge. Often accompanied by a gathering of vibrant, well-behaved swans ready for a photo. Head to Old Town Square and check out the 600 year old functioning astronomical clock before heading to the top of Old Town Hall. Enjoy some aerial views towards Prague Castle and the Our Lady Before Tyn Church, an excellent example of gothic architecture.

A bonus when visiting Prague is that it’s cheap. You can really make the most of your time there. With all the sightseeing you’ll definitely work up an appetite. Fortunately there are many places to experience some real Prague foods and of course you’re in the beer capital of the world so enjoy a nice cold pint!

5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels – Edinburgh.

The Scottish capital is a fantastic city with tonnes to explore. It has some beautiful cobbled streets such as the famous Royal Mile which then leads to some vast open spaces like Holyrood Park. If you don’t want to spend the day wandering the quaint streets of Edinburgh then head to Arthur’s seat. Challenge yourself to get to the top and be rewarded with some stunning aerial views. Equally you can spend time in the city discovering some of its interesting history. This includes that embedded in Edinburgh castle and its many monuments that you can visit and even climb. Edinburgh is likely to be a place that you visit more than once and is perfect for any length of stay! 

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels – Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is one the most picturesque places out of all the 5 cities to kickstart your European travels. It’s a well documented place across social media and it’s made to look absolutely magical. On arrival it comes across that way in person. It’s everything that you’d expect it to be and more. It has a great variety of things to see and do which is exactly what you’d want in a European city break.

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

You can experience the art and culture before then exploring all the interesting museums. Most importantly you won’t be short on any where to stop off for your morning coffee. Above all else, Amsterdam is just a great city to walk around. You wont be able to go 5 minutes without finding somewhere to stop off. If your p;/brave enough, grab a bike and blend in with the locals cycling along the canals!

5 Cities To Kickstart Your European Travels – Innsbruck.

Innsbruck is postcard perfect and somewhere in Europe that everyone should visit at least once! It’s sometimes hard to choose between city breaks and a more nature based getaway but with Innsbruck you get the best of both worlds. Everything you will want to visit in the city is within walking distance and the public transport links up to the beautiful mountains are easy to navigate and very cheap.

5 Cities to Kickstart Your European Travels

You can wander at your own pace in the city. There is a very tranquil, non chaotic atmosphere and you’ll never be short on options for where to eat. There’s plenty of little markets and restaurants and If you want lunch with a view then just head straight to the mountains. Perfect for winter sport lovers but also just as great in the summer months offering plenty of cool hikes!

Thanks for reading about these 5 cities to kickstart your European travels. Hopefully you can start with one of these awesome locations! Check out my travel guides for more, see you soon!

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  1. I haven’t been to Europe before but these are great suggestions! I know I’d definitely want to check out Paris! I didn’t know about Prague until recently and it looks gorgeous. I haven’t heard of Innsbruck before but like the homely feeling of it. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  2. First time I’ve heard about Innsbruck and it definitely caught my eye. Such a beautiful scenery. PD: Your photos are looking better and better with each post.

    1. That seems to be a common theme with Innsbruck, I went there on a last minute cheap flight but was one of my favourite places! Thankyou so much re the photos, kind to say and good to hear!

  3. We’ve been to all the cities you mention, and they’re all splendid. One couldn’t go wrong with any of these. Jenia adores Paris, which is very picturesque, but Shon loves the mountains in Austria, and Innsbruck appeals to him. However, we both agree on Prague. Great place.

    1. Every city has its indivudual quality right?! Nice that you’ve visited them all though and good to hear you found them equally as enjoyable as I did!

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