5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh

If you’re heading to experience the Scottish capital and want to know where to go then stick around for these 5 Instagram worthy locations in Edinburgh. I’ve got 5 hot spots that will fill your camera and give you a great insight into what this city has to offer! Rain or shine, night or day there is something to shoot here so cameras at the ready, let’s go! 

5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh – Calton Hill.

Calton Hill is definitely a place to visit in Edinburgh if you’re looking for some good photo content. Located right in the city centre, it’s a hard one to miss. It’s a reasonably quiet place most of the time which makes for even better photo conditions. On a clear day you can get a stunning panoramic view including that which stretches down the length of Princes Street. It’s home to various monuments including several observatory’s, Nelson’s Monument and of course the unfinished National Monument. Some of the most iconic images of Edinburgh and it’s lovely city are taken from Calton Hill. Make sure you pay it a visit and get some images yourself!

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh – Scott Monument.

A very fitting tribute to the Scottish literary figure Sir Walter Scott. The Scott Monument is a great place to get some excellent photos of Edinburgh. From the bottom of this gothic masterpiece you really understand  its size as it stretches 200ft upwards. A few snaps at the bottom and your ready to then climb all 287 steps to get to the top! The admission to go up is very reasonable and as long as you don’t mind tight spaces you must do it!

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

Once at the top you get a brilliant birds eye view of the city streets below. My two favourite shots from the top here include one that looks back up Princes Street towards Calton Hill. (you can make out some of the monuments in the distance) Secondly is one that frames up the famous Edinburgh Castle.

5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh – Edinburgh Castle.

Edinburgh Castle is one of the most popular locations in Edinburgh. Not only does it offer an interesting history it’s also a location that provides some of the best views on the city below. It’s perched on top of Castle Hill and has steep jagged rocky cliffs around three sides of the Castle. You can get some awesome shots from below and when you want to directly access the entrance you simply go via the Royal Mile. This is the Old Towns main street that runs from the Castle all the way down to Holyrood Palace. The view from the edge of the Castle wall on a good day is incredible. You can make out the ginormous Arthur’s Seat bursting above the city skyline. Plenty of angles and different perspectives to be captured up here so add it to the list!

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh – Arthur’s Seat.

Arthur’s seat comes in super handy when you want a break from the city. At the bottom of the Royal Mile you have Holyrood Palace. Its accompanying parks then lead you to discover Arthur’s seat. A challenging walk to get to the edge but with several high view points it is so worth going to the top! You can get some great shots that show the contrast between the nice green parks and the city streets of Edinburgh.

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

Depending on the quality of zoom you have on your camera or phone you can also pick out Edinburgh Castle. This is a great place to come late afternoon as you’ll start to get some awesome colours in the sky. The light softens up a little and it’s a bit cooler to make the walk. If late enough you may catch the city once it’s illuminated with lights.

5 Instagram Worthy Locations In Edinburgh – Every Street!

A bit vague I know but I just want this to be a testament to how picturesque the streets of Edinburgh really are. Pretty much every place you walk down you’ll be able to frame up a shot or snap a picture for Instagram. There is so much colour. The buildings and monuments all offer great examples of brilliant architecture and are all ready to capture both day and night. All you have to do is go for a wander through the city and you won’t come back empty-handed. If anything you’ll come back with more photos than you thought you’d get!

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

Thanks for reading, hopefully you got some good ideas on where to get those Instagram shots when you visit the Scottish capital! Make sure you use #NextOnTheMap so I can see what you captured. For more images make sure you head to my photography page. See you in the next one!

5 Instagram Worthy Locations in Edinburgh

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    1. Hey Annelies, thankyou for the comments! I did take them all yes, the bottom one is a long exposure. Leave the shutter open a little longer and it catches the light trails from the traffic going by! Edinburgh is a good start for Scotland!

  1. All of these places are so pretty! I wish there were places like that near me to take photos of! Until then I guess I just wish and dream about visiting someday!

    1. Book a flight and get there! I’m sure you could find some unique photos where you live, i must admit, travel photography is my favourite though! Thanks for reading!

  2. Your photo’s are incredible! When I was in Edinburgh last year we tried to find Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat but there were roadworks happening blocking off the roads, we found ourselves at Crammond Beach instead just in time to watch the sunset, which was gorgeous. I love Edinburgh so much, it really is a perfect location for photography and Instagram.

    Emma x

    1. Well that’s a good reason to return then! Although can’t beat a good sunset on the beach! Glad you enjoyed the city as much as I did though, thanks for reading!!

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