5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague

If you’re heading to the Czech capital then you really are in for a treat! I’ve got below 5 photo hot spots you must visit in Prague. There are so many memorable view points, your camera will definitely get some good use! You will find some stunning architecture to admire, plenty of beautiful parks to stroll through and refreshing riverside locations to visit. Prague is a lovely city whatever time of year you go however clear skies and sunshine filled days make for photography heaven!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – Old Town Square.

Old Town Square is one of Prague’s most iconic locations. It’s definitely somewhere you need to go to with your camera in hand as you’ll get plenty of content. Situated in Old Town quarter of Prague it’s home to the unique astronomical clock which is the oldest of its kind still in working condition.

You can head to the top of Old Town Hall and from the top of the deck you can pick out Prague Castle, Petrin garden and all of the beautiful gothic architecture that Prague has to offer. I can imagine that this is a great place to shoot at Christmas as you could get an awesome view of the festive markets in the square below!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – Riverside By Charles Bridge.

If you go to Prague you are undoubtedly going to visit Charles Bridge. Alongside walking the bridge itself there are tonnes of different locations where you can get a great view and riverside is my favourite. Charles Bridge can be a victim of the Instagram vs reality scenario. Across all social media sites you will see lone figures walking the bridge with just a few other people near by. This is possible but you’ll have to be there at around 4am or 5am in order to experience this. For the majority you will be there during the day and you will be squashed due to the extreme crowds! As a result the riverside view is such an appealing option!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit in Prague

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit in Prague

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – Prague Castle And Petrin Garden.

One of the best things about Prague is the ease of navigation throughout the city. Whether you’re traveling via tram or just strolling in the sunshine you’ll be able to see plenty. You can also get some pretty good stop off locations to shoot when you’re heading towards somewhere else. This is what I did at Petrin Garden.

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit in Prague

Depending on your route you can stop off in Petrin Garden on your way to Prague Castle. This is a place where you can get the famous orange rooftops of Prague set in shots with the greens of the park and the clear blue skies. You’ll be high above the city here so the views are great. Of course you can then head on and shoot Prague Castle!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – The Dancing House.

The Dancing House is not the norm with regards to the architecture in Prague however it’s definitely a photo hot spot that you should be visiting! The name of the building comes from the fact that it resembles two dancers and overall it’s a beautiful building! It’s a great place to photograph during the day as you can really get the detail involved in the building. I think it looks especially good if you catch one of the many red trams zooming by. Be sure to set your camera up to capture this cleanly though! The Dancing House also looks epic at night-time! Try for a long exposure shot as you will get some beaming trails of light from the traffic alongside the illuminated colours of the building!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – The Charles Bridge Towers.

If you want a good aerial view of Charles Bridge then heading up its towers should definitely be on your agenda. Both towers offer an awesome view both day and night but the side including Prague Castle is a personal favourite! I think a long exposure shot of the bridge at night is a must. By giving yourself a long exposure any remaining people on the bridge will disappear. This combines with the twinkling lights and an illuminated castle. Great shot to be captured!

The fee to go up the towers is very reasonable. I do recommend though going up as the sun is setting. This way you will get the most for your money. You can shoot some great colourful sunset shots before then slowing the shutter and capturing Prague by night.

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit In Prague – The Prague Streets.

Although I’ve listed 5 photography spots for you to visit, you will never struggle to capture something in Prague. Just strolling through its winding streets will present you with so much potential. Your camera will really never leave your hand. It’s great to go to a city and capture all of the most iconic landmarks and locations however look for the unique shots as well! These are likely to have not been replicated all over social media. They will be specific to you and how you like to shoot so grab your camera and hit the streets!

5 Photo Hot Spots You Must Visit in Prague

For more images check out my photography page. If you post some pictures of Prague on Instagram make sure to use #NextOnTheMap so I can see what you shot!

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  1. Great photos! I love Prague!! You’ve said it’s the capital of Croatia in your first paragraph though 🤣

    1. Glad you like Prague, hard not to! Good spot, I did! Was thinking the beer capital of Croatia!! Visiting Zagreb this month so will have a post on the real capital then!

      1. I think I’ve been there four times in the last few years! Haha that’ll be awesome! I’ve only been to Rovinj and Pula in Croatia! Enjoy

    1. Ah thanks, the Dancing House was one of my favourite locations in Prague. Right by the riverside so nice to relax there!

  2. Wow, I knew Prague was a beautiful city, it’s on my list of destinations I need to visit. But these photos just confirm it’s beauty. We recently took a trip to Vienna, and I wanted to try and do Prague and Budapest as well, but we simply didn’t have the time as we wouldn’t be able to appreciate each city. You’ve definitely sold it to me – i need to go!!!!

    1. Glad I’ve got you up for a visit! I’d love to visit Vienna, how was it?! Hopefully check out a blog post on it!! Heading to Budapest this month, can’t wait!

      1. Vienna was amazing, we missed so much out though so I definitely need to return! I’ve got a few posts up if you’re interested to have a read – forallthatwander.wordpress.com

        Hope you have a fab time in Budapest! I’ll keep my eye out for the associated posts! 😊 I’ve only discovered your blog today and I am already in love with the content!

        1. Have read one and now onto the others! Thanks for sharing, will keep posted!!

  3. Prague is beautiful! I visited it 4 and a half years ago and fell in love with it. Prague Castle was one of my favourite spots there too, and even though it was a cold grey December day, it was still so magical. 🙂 Really liked reading this, your photos are amazing!

    Sneha | lifewithsneha.com

    1. Thanks so much Sneha. Was lovely up in the Prague castle area. I may well go back to Prague in December for the festivites! Thanks for reading!

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