Hey everyone, I’m Gary the founder of Next On The Map, let me tell you a little bit about myself!

First of all welcome and thankyou for finding your way to my travel blog.




About me

It doesn’t take a lot to influence someone these days. Seems like a single photo, a blog post or a gallery can have huge effect. This is what happened to me. After a little bit of inspiration I decided it was about time to start my travelling journey. Freshly motivated to see the world we live in I pulled out a map and started planning.

Since then I’ve never stopped! I got a taste for travel and combined that with my passion for photography.  As a result I’m now constantly looking for where’s next!

I work full-time but because of my passion for creativity I formed this blog to share with you all. I’ve been overwhelmed with the support and interest in both my posts and images so thankyou!




About NextOnTheMap

With each place I visit it’s always a goal to experience as much as I can whether I’m on a short city break in Europe or travelling from one side of America to the other. As a result of this jam-packed travel I always return with great amounts of content to share.

This in addition to some informative travel guides is what I aim to feature in my posts and on social media. I want to help you plan your own trips and have the time of your lives!


About NextOnTheMap


Blogging is not my full-time job . . . yet! It does however encompass a full-time passion of mine.

NextOnTheMap continues to grow exponentially. I’ve now been fortunate enough to work alongside some fantastic sponsoring partners to produce some great collaborative features for you guys.

I can’t wait to see where my travels will take me next and I even more so look forward to having you all there alongside.

Buckle up, let’s go!