Travel Destinations

As a travel enthusiast it’s especially relevent for me to be looking at a map planning my next load of destinations. I’m always up for an adventure and I love spontanueous trips! Keep posted as there will always be something lined up with me, I’m eager to explore!




Why travel?

There are so many amazing countries all just waiting to be explored! I alongside many others plan to tick them off one by one and get some great experiences along the way.

While I travel to all of these different destinations for the pure enjoyment, I’m always looking to capture each location behind my lens. In addition to all my blog posts I also form galleries which offer pure visuals for the non readers! Head to my photography page to check them out and maybe have a peak at my Instagram because I post a lot there also!

 You can see below is a grid of pictures, this displays all of the countries I have visited thus far. It seems like it’s become my hobby to add to this list and it’s probably one of my favourite things to see it grow!



If you have any great suggestions on travel locations or maybe would like some more travel guides on NextOnTheMap contact me! I’m always up for fresh ideas and most of all, I love converting them for you!