I will forever be looking at a map planning my next adventure and if your curious about what’s coming up next for me then this is it!

I’m collaborating with Interrail and taking a trip around Europe to some of its most popular cities. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip but I’m so up for the adventure.

I’ll be visiting some new and some previously explored locations armed with my camera and I’ll be gathering as much blog content as possible to share with you all.


I say all the time that there are so many amazing countries in this world and I plan to tick them off one by one with a blog post or two each time I do.

 You can see below is a grid of pictures and this displays all of the countries I have visited thus far. Safe to say it’s become my hobby to add to this list and I love to see it grow!


I have a blog post on most of these locations which you can search for and for the non readers out there looking for pure visuals, just hit the photography page and you’ll find a gallery for each location.