My 2018 Travel Wish List

The time is here. I’ve formulated my 2018 travel wish list! In comparison to 2017 I’m stepping it up with a few more locations added in. I’m sure it will be another good year full of experiences and new memories.  Looking back on the year and the trips I’ve made makes me feel so fortunate to have experienced all that I have. I can’t wait to get going next year and add some more awesome posts to NextOnTheMap!

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Edinburgh.

This is probably one of the closest locations to me featuring in my 2018 travel wish list. It’s also actually one that excites me the most! I’ve wanted to visit Edinburgh for such a long time. It just seems like a fantastic city to explore. With Edinburgh Castle, Calton Hill and Arthur’s Seat offering some great hikes and fantastic views it will be hard not to like this place. This undoubtedly active break is lined up as my yearly birthday trip away. It will be a good time to celebrate and explore another new city!

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Vienna.

I plan to visit Vienna during the first half or 2018. Milder temperatures should appear around April time and all of its lovely parks will be blooming nicely presenting some nice scenic photo opportunities. Alongside the parks there are numerous palaces and museums that will be pleasant to experience. All of this combined with some authentic Austrian cuisine and some city wandering will make for a good early 2018 adventure.

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Dublin.

Dublin is another city that is incredibly easy to reach for me. The only reason I haven’t got here yet is because I’ve had a prior plans with my travel for the whole of this year. Everyone I know that has been to Dublin has raved about it.. With the lively colourful buildings, lovely parks and many, many good places to eat and drink I’m sure that Dublin will be a place that I journey to on numerous occasions. I’m super excited for my first experience here!

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Athens.

I don’t know a huge amount about most of the locations I choose to visit. It’s part of the enjoyment to explore and discover once there. This being said a summer trip to Athens visiting the ancient ruins, wandering the sun soaked streets and relaxing in some good weather is a no brainer. Athens holds a good bit of history which is right up my street. Going somewhere that can give a little education on its past is so enjoyable and makes the trip that little bit more interesting. I’ll look forward to this one big time!

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Budapest.

Budapest seems like a nice place to go whatever month it may be during the year. For me I’m going to try to catch some good weather so it will be a summer trip to Hungary. My girlfriend has visited Budapest and had nothing but good feedback which excited me. There’s plenty of stunning buildings to photograph and some nice hikes to get some good aerial views. I want to catch Budapest in its best light and share with you this increasingly popular travel destination.

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Dubrovnik.

Tempting blue seas overlooking the Adriatic. The walled city of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s most up-market destination makes the list. I plan to go here later on in the year when the crowds have dispersed a little. The prices will have dropped slightly but the warm weather and the beautiful scenery will remain. It’s pedestrian only town sounds so nice to just casually wander on a nice sunny day. Add in some great eateries, a nice golden beach and some adventure sports facilities and you have the perfect place for me!

My 2018 Travel Wish List

My 2018 Travel Wish List – Prague.

I see Prague appearing everywhere during December. It’s highly rated as a go to place on Instagram and that is for good reason. The Christmas markets bring a bit of festive magic to the Czech Republic as they light up the city and bring both the tourists and locals in their masses. December will undoubtedly be a busy time because of this but Prague is not all Christmas markets. There are tonnes of sites to see and the architecture looks fantastic so I’m sure my camera will get some good use! It really does seem like an enjoyable, memorable winter wonderland and it’s something I’ve got to see and experience for myself so it makes it on the list.

My 2018 Travel Wish List

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve been to any of the places mentioned above.

I’d love to hear some recommendations on where to eat, stay and what to do. Contact me!

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!

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  1. I can thoroughly recommend Prague – one of my absolute favourites! I’ve never visited Edinburgh either which is ridiculous. Maybe I should pop that on my wishlist too (but I’ll let you check it out first and report back).

  2. As someone that’s never left the country, I can definitely say I’ve never been to any of these places. However, all of these locations are gorgeous! You definitely will be traveling a lot this year, and it’ll be exciting to read stories on your adventure to these places, as well as seeing lovely photographs from each of these stops!

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