My 2019 Travel Wish List

It’s finally time to write my favourite blog post of the year, my 2019 travel wish list! I write this each year and actually do visit the majority of the locations I post about! 2018 was a fabulous year for me and NextOnTheMap. Although I missed a few from my previous wish list, I visited 10 new countries and loved them all! Lets see what 2019 has in store! Who’s with me?!

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Lisbon.

Lisbon, the colourful capital of Portugal and number one on my travel wish list! It’s number one for a reason because I already have a trip confirmed here for the new year! I can’t wait to explore this city with my camera, there is so much to capture. I’ll be exploring the amazing architecture, catching the vibrant trams and taking in all of the beautiful colours. I know many people visited Lisbon last year. I heard nothing but good reports so I felt compelled to try it out for myself!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Kemi.

Visiting Kemi in Finland would be absolute winter trip goals! There are 3 main parts to this trip that would be a special standout. Spending the night in the snow castle, cruising on the ice breaker ship across the frozen ocean and spending a night in the glass villas. Tell me that doensn’t appeal to you?! I haven’t visited a snowy location in a while but whenever I do the photo opportunities just excite me. Getting here equipped with my drone and camera would mean tonnes of epic content to share with you guys!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Copenhagen.

The Danish capital firmly makes it on to my travel wish list. It’s a place I wanted to visit late this year but with some other travel opportunities it had to be pushed back. (Not complaining!) I’m super excited to explore the colourful streets and nail another European city break. Short city breaks seem to get a great response on my blog as they are realistic for all of us. I’ll look forward to adding this one to the list and sharing with you what I capture behind the lens!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Iceland.

Iceland, what a place! I’ve visited before and got a glimpse of what this place has to offer but with only a short amount of time I feel like I missed out on plenty. That is a reason to return! The next time I visit I want to hire a car and visit some more of the places I missed. A bit more freedom during my time there and a lot more exploration. Hopefully on my next trip to Iceland I’ll finally catch those illusive northern lights behind my lens! Keep posted for this one!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Tallin.

Tallin is Estonias capital city and I hope for this to be a December location for reasons you can see pictured below! The Christmas markets that are present during December look magical and would make for the perfect spot to just wander around enjoying the festivities. I love a city that has a beautiful old town to explore and Tallin has exactly that. Couple that with plenty of good places to eat and drink and I’m sold! Estonia would be another new country ticked off the list for me so I’m excited to line this one up!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – A Swiss Road Trip.

If you’ve read my previous travel wish-list posts then you’ll remember this one! It’s been on my list for so long to head over to the beautiful mountain roads of Switzerland and drive them in something fast! Due to so many opportunities I was given last year this was one of the few trips that didn’t get converted! Lets see if I can change that this year! Alongside it being insanely fun you can just imagine how beautiful the photo and video content would be. I’m super keen to get this done in 2019 so lets so what happens!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Stockholm.

Stockholm would be another capital city and another new country for me. Both of these excite me as there is nothing better than diving into somewhere brand new and experiencing as much as possible. I would love to stroll around the cobbled streets of the old town and take in the views of yet more colourful European houses. With boats and ferries shuttling between the islands there will be plenty to occupy my time and keep my camera shooting!

My 2019 Travel Wish List

My 2019 Travel Wish List – Snowdonia.

Snowdonia is a region in north west Wales. It’s the closest location to me out of all on my travel wish list and it’s somewhere I should have already visited! It was originally planned that I’d go to Snowdonia and climb Mount Snowdon before the year was out but as the months passed, the weather got worse and worse and it never happened. I could of climbed it but I also want to take my drone and camera so good weather conditions were kind of important. I should have more luck and with a whole year to get this one done I can’t see it not happening!

Have you got any exciting travel plans for 2019?! Let me know where your heading as I can always add a few more spots to the list. As always you can keep up with my travels on Instagram and tag me with your travel photos throughout the year! #NextOnTheMap

Thanks for reading everyone!

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  1. That’s an interesting list, you can try catching the northern lights in Sept-Oct when its not so cold yet. Do checkout my latest post on Iceland 🙂

    1. I think that’s around the time I visited last time so will do the same and hope for better visibility! Will check out your post, thanks!

  2. That’s an interesting list. You can try catching the northern lights in Sept-Oct when its not too cold either. Check out my latest blog post on Iceland😃

  3. Phwoar!! The winding roads of Stockholm look absolutely unreal. Think that’ll be going on my list too! I went somewhere similar a few months ago; The Death Road in Bolivia. You can rent a mountain bike and ride downhill for like 40 miles. Was really really fun! I don’t really write about my travel experiences but I just did a quick post on keeping fit while globetrotting that you and your followers might find it interesting!

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