My Travel Camera Gear

Answering one of my more frequently asked questions via blog post! What does my travel camera gear consist of? I’ve detailed everything below but remember this list will probably change, evolve and most certainly grow as my skills and blog grow! It’s also important to remember I didn’t get all of this in one go. To begin with I didn’t need it all. I’ve accumulated it all over time as that was way more price efficient and practical for my needs. I do highly recommend getting a good camera set up for everyday use and definitely for your travels. It hardly leaves my hand when I’m away now!

My Travel Camera Gear – Sony A7 iii

So I recently purchased the Sony A7 iii which saw me switch from my very first Canon camera. I absolutely love how this Sony camera runs and its size suits me perfectly. I want something small to travel with but something that will perform well. This camera is spot on for that! It has a 24.2MP 35mm full frame image sensor, brilliant auto focus capabilities, high-speed continuous shooting up to 10 FPS and the ability to record at 4k. All of this crammed into that small body explains why it’s such a popular choice of camera. The main reason I upgraded to this Sony camera is for its increased image and video capabilities. It can record HD at high frame rates therefore I can now start to get some silky smooth slow mo/cinematic video content!

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear – Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

I purchased my Sony A7 iii with the kit lens and it is working out absolutely brilliantly for me. It just about goes wide enough at 28mm for what I like to shoot and the zoom at 70mm definitely comes in handy. My camera already gives me a very good stable shot with its 5 axis stabilisation but this lens also has built-in optical steady shot stabilisation. This not only helps keep images sharp but also helps produce some pretty decent handheld video content! I’d love one day to get a gimbal but for now the combination of this lens and camera is working fine! In the future I’d like to get a slightly wider angle lens and maybe a 24-105mm in order to further that zoom capability even further!

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear – Mavic Air.

My first ever drone came in the form of the awesome Mavic Air! I have nothing but good things to say about this piece of kit. It takes excellent photos and beautifully stabilised 4k video. It’s small enough to come pretty much everywhere with me and with the hard carry case it fits inside, I’m never worried when travelling with it. The controller packs down and is again extremely easy to carry around and travel with. Having a drone opened up a whole new perspective on photography for me, shooting from above is crazy! I don’t think I’ll need to upgrade this anytime soon so keep posted for more drone shots coming from this beauty!


My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear – RØDE VideoMic GO.

Other than a few tests I haven’t fully delved into the world of video yet but with my Sony camera this one will certainly be used when I do. The RØDE Video Mic Go is perfect for producing clear, good quality, directional sound. This will be very suitable and definitely used if I ever get around to doing a few travel vlogs. It’s super lightweight and very robust. It sits on top of my Sony no problem. No battery required, it’s 100% a good addition to my kit!

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear – Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod & Joby 3k Gorillapod.

I have 2 tripods. Firstly there is my Joby GorillaPod 3k. I use this as it’s so quick to wrap around something in order to get a quick shot anywhere. It also works well as a grip if your taking self portraits or if you were to vlog. My Manfrotto Action Tripod gives me a bit more stability and some extra height. I use this if I have more time to set up the shot and if the photo is more pre planned and less spontaneous. Both get good use for different scenarios and both are compact so very easy to travel with. They come with me every time!   

My Travel Camera Gear

My Travel Camera Gear

That pretty much concludes the breakdown of my equipment. Of course I have power banks, batteries, a laptop, memory cards etc . . but thought I’d just include the main bits. It’s not an extensive list of kit by all means but wherever I go it all comes with me. Most of my travel is based around Europe currently and I can get away with taking all of this and everything else I need crammed in my hand luggage bag. When I take a longer trip and have the luxury of more space I may add a few more bits in. Number one on my tech wish list is the DJI Mavic Air drone. I’d love to get some aerial perspective on the countries that I’m visiting but this will happen in time.

All images taken with this camera can be found on my photography page and my Instagram account!

Thanks for reading, any questions then just leave a comment. See you in the next one!

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    1. Yes! Great camera to start with; you could also check out the Sony A5000, perfect camera to get going with. Compact, good quality and price efficient for blogging/vlogging!

  1. This is really helpful. I one day want to get a good camera because I love be photographed and being the photographer lol. (Being photographed more though haha) Great post

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