Staying At Hotel Klarov

With a brilliant central location, beautiful neo-baroque style architecture, exclusive rooms and a highly motivated team of staff you will have an excellent time when staying at Hotel Klarov. We were fortunate enough to be guests here during our recent visit to Prague. We absolutely loved our 2 night stay!

Staying At Hotel Klarov – The Hotel.

The hotel which has been around since 1889 is an important part of Mala Strana, one of Prague’s more historic regions. It’s proximity to all of Prague’s historical sites is a huge bonus for guests staying. With a short walk up some picturesque little streets you can find yourself admiring Prague Castle or strolling along the iconic Charles Bridge. This makes it especially easy to get up early and head out to experience a colourful sunrise over the city of Prague. With only 25 rooms, the 4 star Hotel Klarov is very exclusive and if you are fortunate enough to stay the team of staff will provide some great local knowledge to ensure your time is maximised.


Staying at Hotel Klarov

Staying At Hotel Klarov – The Rooms.

The rooms in Hotel Klarov are extremely spacious and all have a unique theme. Each one is based around a musician that has performed in Prague. The musician theme is great fun and with some nice colourful additions in our room we felt very much at home for our stay. It would be great to return and experience another one of Hotel Klarov’s unique rooms! We on this occasion were staying in the ‘Sting’ room which gave us an incredible view down towards the Vltava River.

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Staying at Hotel Klarov

The room we were staying in had beautiful large windows which were just perfect at letting in a nice cooling breeze. We visited during the summer months so it was extremely warm but with the windows open we were more than comfortable. By having the windows open you also let the sunshine creep in as you relax and admire the view! The bathroom was immaculately clean, luxurious and had plenty of provisions for us to use during our stay. It was the perfect place to return to after some city exploration!

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Staying At Hotel Klarov – Club Lounge And Garden.

Hotel Klarov had some great places to relax. We made use of the Klarov club lounge. It was a great place to just put your feet up after wandering through the city. The lounge had recently been refurbished and looked great!  Alongside the lounge we also spent some time in the garden area. A relaxing spot with some French charm. It makes for the perfect place to unwind with a drink after a long day!

Staying at Hotel Klarov

Staying at Hotel Klarov


Staying At Hotel Klarov – Breakfast.

With every great hotel comes a great breakfast. Hotel Klarov lives up to that! We started our mornings in the nice cosy breakfast restaurant. There we enjoyed some freshly brewed coffee and a variety of breakfast favourites. This had us fuelled up and ready to zoom around Prague. We ventured out early in the mornings to the near by historic sites so to return for breakfast here was perfect! We also had the option to take our breakfast to the garden area. If we had stayed for longer, we would have!

Staying at Hotel Klarov

Staying at Hotel Klarov


Our stay at Hotel Klarov was the cherry on top of a great visit to Prague. We wouldn’t hesitate recommending it. It covers all aspects you look for in a great stay and it’s 1 of 4 great hotels that make up the Asten Hotels group. Hotel Golden Key was also near by with its romantic rooms and equally as fantastic location. Hotel Savoy which I hope to visit in Špindlerův Mlýn is located in a mountain range. This would be an absolute dream photography spot. Chateau Mcely is about an hours drive from the centre of Prague. This provides a great little getaway to the picture perfect bohemian village of Mcely.

All look fantastic and we look forward to staying with Asten Hotels again in the future! Thanks for reading, I will see you all in the next one!

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    1. Ohhh I would love to go to Vienna but at the moment I would say Prague as I love it there! Let me know where you go!

  1. I’ve never been to Prague but it’s definitely on my list! This hotel looks absolutely stunning, will 100% check it out when the time comes! Great post and pictures! x

    1. So worth it! And definitely a place you should visit, you want to go back over and over again! Thanks for reading!

  2. Wow, what a gorgeous little place! I’ve made a note of this one for next time I’m in Prague, and to recommend to my clients too!

  3. Holy moly that sounds like such a fun theme for a hotel to have! I’m definitely going to have to stay there when I eventually visit Prague (haven’t been yet, but it’s on my list!).

    1. Unique isn’t it?! Couldn’t recommend enough though mainly due to location! Will make your time exploring Prague so efficient!

  4. Such a perfect place to stay at when exploring Prague! I am so in love with the architecture and I am mesmerizing both by the interior and the exterior of this hotel!

  5. Wow, this hotel looks beautiful! I particularly like the idea of the rooms all having their own theme. I spent 4 days in Prague back in 2016 and stayed in a place called Hotel Archibald, it had a brilliant rooftop bar. If I ever revisit Prague (which I’d like to!) I’ll be sure to check this place out, great post!

    1. Was very unique, that’s for sure! Please do check it out, no rooftop bar (sounds great!!) but a lovely garden area which was perfect for drinks!

  6. Sounds a great time. There is a very big role of Indian Cinema in making Prague my dream city. I have a desire to visit this city and I know that the world is a wish-granting factory. Glad to read this experience of yours.

  7. I’ve never been to Prague but its definitely on the list, I’ve heard so many good things! Krakow, Poland was a great place and I’d highly recommend if you ever get the chance, I also visited the Auschwitz which I feel is something everyone has to do during their life!

    1. I’ve visited Krakow and went to Aushwitz, definitely agree it’s something to do. Strange one to recommend but it’s an eye opener!

    1. The outside garden area was perfect in the heat! Nice spot for a drink after a long day! Thanks for reading 😁

  8. Not been to Prague before, there are so many places to choose to visit, where do you start? it’s great that you visit a place, report your findings, recommend hotels etc., to help us decide.

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