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Planning your trips can be overwhelming and at times it can zap the fun out of what should be an enjoyable process. There’s so much to consider and so much that goes into making each adventure the best it can be. When doing it for the first time you may well feel lost, I know I did!

Now after a good amount of travel and various different experiences I’ve formed some guides to offer some help! I don’t claim to be an expert but I do think I can offer some sort of experience based guidance which will make your planning process a lot less of a chore! 

Have a search through the travel guide pages or hit the search in my side bar and you may find what you’re looking for! Make sure you also connect with me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m constantly active and could potentially help there also!

The common theme for my travel guides is they are here to help you before you take off and enjoy the best trip possible. Get your passports ready!


Travel Guides – Planning Your Interrail Trip.

Travelling Europe with Interrail has been one of my most memorable travel memories to date. I completed a 12 day route visiting some absolute European hot spots and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this to all of you guys. The planning that went into making this trip the best it could be was key! Read more . . .

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Travel Guides – Prague Photography.

If you’re heading to the Czech capital then you really are in for a treat! I’ve got below 5 photo hot spots you must visit in Prague. There are so many memorable view points and your camera will definitely get some good use! Read more…

Travel guides Innsbruck photography

Travel Guides – Innsbruck Photography.

Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps! What a stunning European location to visit and an even better place to photograph! You really do get a bit of everything in Innsbruck such as the colourful city streets to the snow-capped mountains that stand near by! Read more…

Travel guides Europe

Travel Guides – European City Kickstart.

If you’re looking to kick off your travel adventures Europe is a great start point. With so many different yet equally intriguing cities to visit you are almost spoilt for choice! Read more…

Travel guides Paris photography

Travel Guides – Paris Photography.

You’re going to Paris with camera in hand and want to know where to go?! Don’t worry I’ve got you covered  because I’m here with five photo location you must visit! Read more…