Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail – Part 5 features our late arrival to Milan, an overnight train to Paris and the end of an epic trip! We had a nice relaxing day in the beautiful Italian city of Milan before departing on an overnight journey to the French capital. We couldn’t have asked for two better cites to conclude our trip. With a final couple of early mornings we were mesmerized with what each city presented to us!

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – Milan.

We had a late arrival to Milan, very late in fact so we just headed straight to our accommodation for the night and got ourselves to bed. It was our plan to get up early in the morning and head to Duomo di Milano, the cathedral that was located near by. We were so glad we made it there early as again the crowds were yet to emerge. If I’m completely honest, travel tiredness had kicked in at this point so I was in a bit of a sleepy state getting photos but it was great to go back through them after some sleep back at the hotel. We wandered back to the cathedral late morning and then headed through the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. This is one of Milan’s oldest yet thoroughly active shopping malls. Beautiful place and a stunning build!

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – Sforza Castle.

After a brief stroll in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele we made our way towards Sforza Castle. We actually stumbled upon the castle after entering into the nearby park area. Milan was such a nice city to just walk around, we didn’t really have any specific plans other than to see what we encountered. It was definitely nice to have a look around the castle though. We got a little insight into its history and it also provided us with some much-needed shade. Milan was seriously hot when we were there!

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

After some more walking and further admiration of Milans colorful streets we decided to sit down for a little bit of dinner. We found the perfect restaurant where we could sit, eat some fine Italian food in the sunshine all whilst watching the city pass us by. Once we had filled ourselves up with some extremly tasty food it was time to go and collect our belongings. We needed to get to the train station. We didnt need any accommodation for the following night as we were set to be sleeping on a train!

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – Night Trains.

Our train departed around 11pm so after a little wait in the station we were finally able to board. It was going to be such a good feeling to go to sleep in Italy and wake up in France! We got to our section on the train and found our bunks. Jossie was top bunk which is perfect for someone who wants a tiny bit more space. I was mid bunk which as you can see, I was fine with! After a little editing on my laptop (did my best to keep on top of that!) I packed up and went to sleep. How did I sleep? It was hard to initially get to sleep but once I did, no problems. We would recommend doing a few over night trains. It’s a fun experience, will help save on accommodation costs and it gives you maximum time in each city.

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – The Arc de Triomphe.

We arrived in Paris late morning after a slight delay and headed to our hotel to freshen up. Once we were done we made our way to the Arc de Triomphe. We had visited Paris previously and explored a lot so we made this last stop quite casual by only going to a few places. As we had never been to the top of the Arc de Triomphe before we grabbed some tickets and headed up. We managed to skip the rain on the top of the tower but there were huge showers both before and after we went up. I quite liked the moody view we got from the top, it was definitely something different to the normal shots you see from up there. Not wanting to get even wetter though we made our way down and back to the hotel after a quick pit stop for some food.

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – Les Jardins d’Eiffel.

Our stay in Paris was at our favourite spot, Les Jardins d’Eiffel. We stayed here previously and loved it so much that we had to make time to get back. Our room we were kindly given was the same room with that beautiful view towards the Eiffel Tower. We couldn’t of asked for a better location on our last night. We managed to catch a glimpse out of our window of the Eiffel tower glistening before we eventually fell asleep ready for an early start the following day.

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe With Interrail – Part 5 – The Eiffel Tower.

We hoped for good weather the following morning and it turned out to be great. This made our early morning walk to the Eiffel Tower much more enjoyable and we were able to get some awesome photos with the place practically deserted. The previous days rain was the only bit of bad weather we had on our trip so it was nice to finish how we started, enjoying a morning in the sunshine with some crazy views! After wandering around the area a little and getting more than enough photo content we ventured back to Les Jardins d’Eiffel. We enjoyed a tasty a little breakfast before packing our things up. It was a perfect morning and the best way to finish our trip. We were nice and relaxed and ready for our travels back home.

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

Travelling Europe with Interrail - Part 5

I’ve constantly been reflecting on how good this trip was. Interrailing is such a great way to see a really decent amount of Europe in a short time. We crammed so much in but that doesn’t mean we missed out on what each city had to offer. It just meant we had some jam-packed days! What’s not to like about that though! There are already plans for more Interrail adventures so watch this space. Another blog series maybe?! If you haven’t already checked out ‘Travelling Europe with Interail – Part 4‘ then please do! Thanks for keeping up, now to figure out where’s next on the map?

Thanks for reading, see you in the next one!

(Thankyou to Les Jardins d’Eiffel for giving us a complimentary upgrade to our favourite room! All opinions expressed are my own!)

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  1. I’d love to go interrailling next summer, its a big goal of 2019! Sforza Castle looks beautiful! I’ve always wanted to go on a night train too!

    1. Do it! Best thing ever, and night trains will be a good experience if you get around to it! Definitely a saver!

    1. Thanks so much! I’ve been to a few places in Italy now and Milan is definitely up there! Worth a visit if you get the chance! Thanks for reading 😁

  2. Inter-railing sounds a little busy to me, but I’m so jealous of all your experiences and the whole trip sounds absolutely amazing! These photos are beautiful and I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Paris or Milan yet so they’re both on my travel bucket list!

    Soph – x

    1. Definitely busy! Kind of felt like I needed a holiday when I got back but that’s how I like to travel! You will love Milan and Paris if you do make it there! Thanks for reading!

  3. I would love to go inter-railing, such a great way of seeing a number of places in Europe! Your pictures are amazing and are making me want to hop on a train and go and visit Paris and Milan asap.

  4. Inter-railing is something I’ve been wanting to do for years now! All your pictures are stunning, and I’m so envious of the view you had of the Eiffel Tower from your hotel room! I visited Paris last year and loved it! Great post ✨

    Evie |

    1. Thanks Evie! We were super fortunate to stay where we did in Paris, we love the guys at Les Jardins d’Eiffel!

    1. Thankyou Kristin! Couple of lovely cities to try and capture! Was definitely a cool journey! Thanks for reading 😁

  5. Goodness me these photos are stunning! I’ve been to Paris a handful of times and done all the “main” sights and attractions. My photos weren’t a fraction as good as this though haha! I think I’d like to do an overnight train, they sound fun! Although I’m not sure about the top bunk, I’d be scared I’d fall off haha!

    1. We were definitely fortunate with the weather! Always helps when taking photos! Agree with the top bunk also. I was quite happy mid way up! Thanks for reading!

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