Visiting Lisbon In January

Lisbon, the colourful capital of Portugal! It may not be as common to see someone visiting Lisbon in January as it’s a rainy month and the temperatures are a little lower. For us however it was the perfect time to go! The sites are clear and you can as we did get very fortunate with the weather. Lisbon was the first trip of 2019 and it made for the perfect city break to kick off this years travels!

Visiting Lisbon In January – São Jorge Castle.

After arriving early in Lisbon and grabbing breakfast we started to make our way towards our first spot, São Jorge Castle. The castle occupies a hill top that allows you to get a beautiful view down on the city of Lisbon. It’s a bit of a hike to get to it and I can imagine in the summer this would be tough in the heat but in the cooler January temperatures it was easily done! Once we arrived we had a little wander around inside and then ascended its battlements to take in some of the epic views! We got some photo content with the camera and then just walked around enjoying the sunshine. Before long we were hungry again . . . so we started to make our way back down the winding streets to the city below. Such an awesome first impression on Lisbon!

Visiting Lisbon In January – The Ponte 25 de Abril bridge & Padrão dos Descobrimentos.

Once we were back down in the city and after some food we started to make our way towards the suspension bridge. We walked and walked but it didn’t seem to be getting any closer. It was deceptive how far away it was so we jumped on a bus. This helped us on our way and shortly after we were getting off right next to Padrão dos Descobrimentos. The monument to the discoveries, a beautifully crafted monument in celebration to the Portuguese age of discovery. We didn’t have far to walk from here in order to get back to the bridge so before we knew it we were right below! I really wanted to put my drone up but without special permissions I couldn’t do it. Maybe next time, thats a shot that I think would look so epic!

Visiting Lisbon In January – The Lisbon Trams.

One thing that we really wanted to capture behind the lens were the famous trams of Lisbon. In the majority of Lisbon based photo galleries you will always see at least one yellow tram, more specifically the famous number 28. Yellow however is not the only colour you will see flying around the city. We also got to see some beautiful cherry red trams weaving around all of the winding streets. Although we saw all of the trams we didn’t actually go on one. I read everywhere that we must go on the number 28 but being completely honest with you . . . it looked so crammed and everyone on it looked really miserable! We opted to walk around everywhere which was easily doable and we wanted to make the most of the sunshine that we had!

Visiting Lisbon In January – Belem Tower.

Clear skies are what we woke up to on our second day in Lisbon so we were keen to get out and make our way towards Belem Tower. We strolled down to the north bank of the Tagus river again and walked our way all the way up. We had a little assistance by the same bus as the previous day and before we knew it we were there! Belem Tower is absolutely stunning and we again had it a lot less busy in comparison to the peak months here. This made photographing it and the area good fun and super chilled!

Once we had explored it a little we got the drone up to get a shot from above the water. It’s such a beautiful place and a big hot spot for those visiting Lisbon. With the lovely walk to get to it I’d definitely add it on to your itinerary. Plenty of places to stop off on route also if you fancy a quick coffee by the rivers edge!

Visiting Lisbon In January – The Santa Justa Lift.

Once we made our way back into the city we stopped by the Santa Justa lift. This 19th century cool looking contraption was used to transport people from the Baixa district to Largo do Carmo avoiding the steep climb. Now it’s primarily a tourist attraction and with a deck at the top you can get a serious view across Lisbon. I think it looks great from down below, piercing out into the sunshine from the darkened streets where it’s rooted!

After stopping here we then just spent our time casually walking around with absolutely no plans. This is the kind of city where you can do that. Colourful buildings and painted streets at every turn. The camera was getting some good use, what’s not to like?!

Visiting Lisbon In January – The Rua Augusta Arch.

On our final morning in Lisbon we had an early start as we needed to begin our travels home. We set aside a little time to visit the Rua Augusta Arch as it was super conveniently located right next to where we were staying. We had passed it numerous times during the day and it was probably one of the more busy locations so we didn’t spend a huge amount of time there. Different story when we were there at 8am on Sunday morning though as you can see pictured below!

Visiting Lisbon In January

We were completely alone so we got the camera out and took advantage. We made our way through the arc and the only thing in the square was the statue of Dom Jose I glistening in the morning sunshine. This was not a bad way at all to finish our last moments in the city. We left towards the metro feeling good about our first time in Lisbon.

Thanks for reading, I’ll see you in the next one!

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    1. Ahh thanks Ana, you have an absolutely beautiful country and I’m so glad that you like my blog! I’ll definitely return to Portugal, much more to experience!

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